Blizzard in March stops me from running

Snow Run Fine… Blizzard Is A No Go

So this week I skipped my Tuesday run. Last Tuesday was a nice run in the snow as it lightly fell, offering that fresh solitude only a fat snowflake can offer. As I prepared to hit the locker room this week, one look outside quickly changed my mind. The news said it was 30mph wind, but I’m thinking that was conservative. The picture I took doesn’t really do it justice, but what looks like fog is really a horizontal sheet of ice crystals, begging to make my cheeks, and any other exposed skin, take a major beating. Luckily tomorrows run looks like it will be graced with nearly 70 degrees and sunshine. Maybe I’ll add a couple miles to make up for snow day?

What hasn’t happened yet, and what I thought would be the first to happen, is missing a workout. Tonight I wrapped up my 8th planned weight session and powered through it well. It was another upper body, focusing on triceps and back, and the best part, I’m starting to see a noticeable change in my physique! The only unfortunate thing from tonight’s workout is that I ruined my stretchy tube thingy. I workout in the basement and use this when I’m supposed to do pull-ups, so I have it wrapped around one of the i-beam’s. As I was going through a set I thought the tube looked a little funny. I stopped and took it down only to find that it was one, maybe two, pulls from snapping. Yes, this could cause some serious bodily harm, so I feel pretty grateful that I looked up.

Now I lay me down to sleep

Brad HutchisonSnow Run Fine… Blizzard Is A No Go

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